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What should I make with my glitter glue?

I have a lot of glitter glue, like, 5 whole bottles of it in different colors. I want to make something really cool, something that isn't a waste of time, artistic skill, and glitter glue. I have other supplies to use too, like: paper, hot glue (I have glittery hot glue, too), glitter glue, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, shalk, note cards, yarn, lots of beads, and some stickers. If you find anything time consuming and utterly cool, please tell me about it so I can put my craft tools to use! Thanks!


  1. glitter glue? oh no, you bottled the ashes of the twinkly twilight vampire!
  2. There are so many things you can do with glitter glue! Here are some great ideas from ehow.com: http://www.ehow.com/info_8255799_glitter-glue-crafts.html Glitter Glue Containers Create a beautiful, glittery container to hold pens, pencils or other items. Use a clean clear glass jar. Draw a design on the jar with glitter glue. The design can represent something or can be abstract. Use various colors for a colorful effect or choose a couple of colors. You can draw simple flower designs on a jar or clear vase to create a flower vase for someone special. Glitter Glue Ornament Plain glass ornaments can be made beautiful when embellished with glitter glue. Create interesting designs on a glass ornament by using the tip of a glitter glue pen to leave a trail of glitter glue. The ornaments can be used as Christmas tree ornaments or, when done in pastel colors, can be used as Easter or springtime decor. Hang the ornament from an ornament stand for use all year long. Glitter Glue Window Decorations Lay wax paper down on the table and use glitter glue to create a design or write a message. After the glue dries, carefully peel the glue from the wax paper and use tape to hang the design or message to a window. This method can be used to make sparkly winter snowflakes or "Happy Birthday" greetings. Use multiple colors of glitter glue by allowing one color to dry before adding another colored glitter glue to the design. Paper Crafts Create paper crafts with glitter glue. Greeting cards are a nice craft for kids to make and give to loved ones. Create greeting cards with construction paper and other craft items. Use glitter glue to create the wording on greeting cards and other decorative elements. Use glitter glue to draw simple flower patterns on greeting card envelopes too. You can also use glitter glue to embellish other paper crafts like bookmarks. Also, you can watch this video about glitter and glitter glue techniques and tips, as well as craft ideas: http://store.scrapbook.com/ms-40-00001.html Just be creative! You can add glitter glue to anything! Like cards, trinkets, painting it onto door decorations or room decorations... Have fun!!
  3. you can make nail polish!! it really simple and fun! just grab a transparent nail polish put the glitter inside and shake well. it will look very pretty
  4. You can create a door sign. With your paper just cut out how you want your door sign to be.Make sure the hole fits your doorknob. Then write whatever you want like "Do not disturb" or "Knock before entering", or anything you wanna put. Then decorate it.
  5. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, make some nice cards for your family and friends.

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