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How would you throw a Jack and Jill casino night wedding shower?

How would you throw a Casino night Jack and Jill wedding shower? How would the money and gifts work? Do you have a buy in? If so, how? ( Like $20.00 to play and the biggest chip winner gets a prize at the end and the money goes to the couple). I know where to get the tables and decorations, but how does it all work.


  1. i would not attend or support your idea. unless this is a geographic thing that i don't understand. a shower is supposed to be a shower of gifts. a jack and jill is a canadian thing. are you confusing the two?
  2. I'm confused about this, too. A "shower" is an event where a wrapped gift is required (thereby "showering" the bride with gifts) and then people watch her open them. People do play games at these, but guests should never be asked to bring money or anything else beyond their gift. That's really tacky and it makes the couple look greedy. What you could do if you want is somehow turn this into a combined bachelor/bachelorette party. Even then, however, it should not be set up so the couple gets the money. They'd just be participating like everyone else. I actually think that sounds like fun. But don't use wedding related events as fundraisers for the couple. It doesn't go over well.
  3. Yes, you have the right idea. That is exactly how it's done. They give you 20.00 to play, and the biggest chip winner gets a prize. And the money goes to the couple. It is better than a stuffy ol' bridal shower. And both men and women will have a blast. Provide food and drink, and a raffle, or silent auction will go over well, too. There is nothing wrong with a Jack and Jill "Shower".

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