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I need some ideas for cheap table decorations for my wedding?

Any ideas would be good as well as where I can buy the stuff or buy the things I need to make it. I like anything with silver and pale blue. I have 7 rectangular tables to decorate.


  1. Buy large colored construction paper and get an origami book from your local library. Ta-da, cheap and inventive decoration.
  2. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Here are lots and lots of websites for you to check out: http://www.google.com/search?q=wedding+table+decorations&rls=com.microsoft:en-us:IE-Address&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=ie7
  3. hi,you can try www.oriental trading.com,or you can try the dollar store for candles etc, or a party store,they normaly have stuff on sale there.
  4. Floating candles in a bowl of water.
  5. It depends somewhat on how formal you want the tables to be. You can get small flat mirrors from the $ store and place votive candles in glass holders on them, Sprinkle sparlking silver confetti over the table cloths. Place small pictures of you and your husband in frames randomly on the tables. (Could also give these as favors) You could use helium balloons in bunches. Hold them down with a weight covered with shiny silver paper. (All of these items can be bought at the $ store)
  6. Congratulations! Aside from color motifs, do you have any other theme that you'd want to consider? The most common centerpiece is flowers and/or candles. You can place blue candles in a bowl of water and then sprinkle it with silver glitters for effect. This looks great if your going to hold your reception at night or late afternoon.
  7. Ok, Ribbon that you curl with some scissors is always good, put a few stands here and there. Go to the dollar store and get some metal punch outs (it's not really confetti, their small shapes) the size of about a penny and scatter those about, keeping them with your color them. Small glass votives with coordianted candles in them, mabe 4 or 6 to a table?
  8. As a Wedding/Events planner and having a winter wedding for my son with these colors -- We hadblue irridescent organza table covers, which you can buy about 9 yards at a fabric store, cut as toppers. Centerpieces were glass vases,using irridescent rocks in the container, adding water and tall stemps of gyp (baby's breath). Very pretty with the vases centered on 12 inch circular mirrors and blue sheer wired ribbons around the top of the vases and votive candles around the base. The light will reflect like crystal. Flowers for the wedding party, all white roses for the bride, with blue streamer, pearls, and bow at the base of bouquet and irridescent inserts throughout the bouquet for the bride. Bridesmaids should carry all white with gyp (baby's breath) and streamer ribbons in blue/silver. You can do this in fresh or silk flowers. Use the bouquets on the cake table, around the base and don't forget to get floral accents for the cake. These are beautiful colors and don't overdo silver, use light blues, as well. Put small ribbon on the bottles of bubbles for the guests. Check out www.eycfloralsandgifts.com and check out their expertise. Thank you.
  9. Congrats! I loved planning my wedding. It didn't cost very much either, you can really make them affordable. I had my wedding in my backyard around my pool. I rented large round tables, with white table cloths. We got these gorgeous glass candle holders, very inexpensive, and placed them in the middle of the tables. We placed a candle inside and sprinkled some of those flat type marbles inside. We also bought crystal looking pieces and scattered them over the tables. We also bought palm trees and planted them in those cheap terra cotta pots. The great thing about those pots is that they are cheap, and very easy to spray paint! We had floating candles in the pool. I had also borrowed an lighted arch from a friend. It was really gorgeous. I had my cake made at Publix. They make yummo cakes and they are a lot cheaper than those Cake Stores. If you know someone who is good at baking and trust them you could ask them to do it. I decorated my cake myself with flowers to match my bouquet. Craft stores like Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, and Garden Ridge are great. They usually have loads of wedding things to work with. Silver table cloths with a sheer blue cloth over them would look awesome. Most of all have fun and enjoy your special day!
  10. What about potted flowers or plants in silver or pale blue pots? This can be done very cheaply and attractively, and guests can take them home as gifts. Or you can fill silver and/or pale blue votive holders with candles, light the candles, and set the votives on silver or mirrored trays. What about making a ton of cupcakes and frosting them with pale blue frosting and arranging them on decorative plates? They will be attractive and edible, and everyone loves free food. Cupcakes can be made and decorated for pennies. A lot of the supplies you can buy at the dollar store too. If you make your centerpieces out of flowers or food you can get away with cheap supplies because flowers are beautiful, and like I said, everyone loves free food. Good luck, and congratulations on your wedding.

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