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What's YOUR opinion on getting married on a Halloween?

My fiance and I are planning to marry on a Halloween. It doesn't mean we'll wear costumes instead of our suits lol. But, him and I came up with the idea of getting married on a Halloween. Not this Halloween by the way. We still have some time to wait and make sure things still go well between us. We might have a small Halloween theme like the table decorations, ghost shaped cookies on the food table, and I'll bring my cat to the wedding, etc.


  1. I think it would be awesome!!!
  2. Uumm my opinion is that's creepy weird haunting and kinda stupid cause it kinda ruins the beauty of a wedding. That's my opinion.
  3. That's adorable! Defiantly do it and your theme color should be oarnge but if you don't want it to be to much of a Halloween then purple or black<3
  4. Halloween is not meant to be a holiday. When it was created it was meant to scare ghost and Demons away(By wearing scary costumes) I would say it would not really be such a good day to get married. (not saying I believe in that stuff)
  5. I had a friend who got married on Halloween and it was awesome
  6. I think it sounds like a good idea except the part about bringing your cat to the wedding (I say this because most venues don't allow pets and by the fact some of your guests may have allergies). What I think will be a great idea is that if you have a "costume party" for the reception and have a candy buffet of candies that are usually given out for halloween (for wedding favors).
  7. Its the date I want to get married on :) I love Halloween. I want a Christmas morning proposal and a Halloween wedding :)
  8. sounds cool to me. But my opinion is that OUR opinion on YOUR wedding shouldn't matter. It is a decision between you and your fiance, and that's it. It must be special to YOU, more than anyone else.
  9. *shrug* Sure, if you don't mind sharing your anniversary with one of the goofiest (though most fun) holidays of the year. And if you ever have kids, be prepared for your anniversary to take a far back seat to dressing up the rugrats every year.
  10. Sounds sweet to me. I had to attend two very traditional weddings this past weekend, and the boredom was torturous.
  11. Eh, I feel like it's becoming more common now-a-days. Personally, I don't care for pairing your wedding date up with another holiday. I prefer for a wedding date to be not really shared with anything big. My husband and I had the usual June wedding. My cousin had her wedding on St. Patrick's day, which I thought was just a little weird.
  12. I would avoid it. Halloween is busy for many people, especially those with kids. Your guests will either have a packed day or won't come at all.
  13. It may be a problem for guests who have children who want to go out for Halloween....It's going to be hard for you to get your guests to come.
  14. I think you should hold the wedding until a few days after Halloweenie.

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