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Wedding ideas and photos of anything black and white theme with red and orange accents?

My wedding will be next August and I have definitely decided on black and white with orange and red accents but I want more ideas on centerpieces, cakes, decorations, dinnerware(i am on a budget so decorative paper plates), etc. Anything would help at this point! Thanks in advance to everyone!


  1. Instead of doing paper plates I would shop on ebay for red and orange plates. You could also do a white cake decorated with flowers. You could make the stems black and the blossom red and orange. The centerpieces could be red and orange leaf wreath(since it's August) with white flowers in the middle of them. You could make the table cloths black with a white table runner. http://sedonasweetarts.com/images/Fondant%20Cakes/BlackVineCake%20sedona%20wedding%20cake%20com.jpg http://www.sharonnagassardesigns.com/WeddingCenterpieces/RealTouchNaturalTouchLARGEFlowerBowlCenterpiece.jpg
  2. Check out Halloween magazines, books, etc. that will have your colour theme. Also party places which will handle Halloween stock.
  3. http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-planning/choosing-wedding-colors.aspx check out the above link. It will help you IMMENSELY.
  4. Since you have a black and white theme, check out the black/white gallery on Wedding Channel for centerpieces, cakes, and decor ideas. http://galleries.weddingchannel.com/Wedding-Details/black-and-white/results.aspx?type=19&colors=black-and-white I particularly like this cake http://galleries.weddingchannel.com/Wedding-Details/black-and-white/results.aspx?type=19&colors=black-and-white and http://galleries.weddingchannel.com/odb/themes/weddingchannel/detailView.aspx?id=43138&type=19&colors=black-and-white&pageIndex=3 and programs http://galleries.weddingchannel.com/odb/themes/weddingchannel/detailView.aspx?id=51877&type=19&colors=black-and-white&pageIndex=1 and Make sure to check out their DIY blog, too http://www.mydiyweddingday.com
  5. These are a great new economical items that can be personalized and colored to your preference - http://www.chapelrunners.weddingstar.com/product/mod-blox-mini-cling They can be applied to an economical centerpiece, glass, mirror, and also matched to other personalized items. You could work and create your own FREE table cards using http://www.vistaprint.com 250 FREE business cards that match in black and white, Accent those with a candy or mint in the orange and red, with a special message from the bride and groom. Other great DIY, and chepa ideas here - Create a Colored cake topper to match - http://www.wedding-ideas-and-details.com/monogram-cake-topper-crystals.html Good Luck!
  6. Hi This site below has different photos of black and white theme weddings, it should give you some decor ideas of what other Bride's have done. www.Black-Tablecloth.com Good luck on your BIG day :)

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