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What can I do with my left over wedding easels?

I have 14 silver decorative easels that I used for my wedding tables and I was wondering if any one had any ideas about what I could use the easels for?


  1. You could sell them on the forums at www.projectwedding.com Are they large or favor-size?
  2. You could donate the same to a local wedding planner, ideally one that has trouble with the confines of clients' tight budgets and yet high expectations.
  3. like the first answer said you could sell them. Some people have small backyard weddings and probably could use them. Expecily if they are cheap. I would save one so you have a memory of the special day. And maybe put it in a scrap book or in a shadow box. Hope I helped you Good Luck
  4. Use some of them in your home to display photos and books. Paint them different colors if you want. Sell the ones you don't want. You might ask your mother and mother in law, plus any sisters and sisters in law if they would like one for their home. And tell them they can paint it to match their decor. ebay is a good source.
  5. Craigslist is free. I don't know where you are though. Ebay is always an option.

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