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What are some very cheap wedding decorating ideas?

I do not really want a lot of money to be spent on decorations because I know the food is going to take up a fair amount. However, I enjoy decorating. I was thinking of different ways to use fake petals as decorations and mason jars. My colors are a bold yellow and darker blue like royal blue. Thank you for any suggestions.


  1. I bought my bouquet from a florist but bought flowers to decorate the reception space from the grocery store because that was cheaper. I had a beach wedding so I filled mason jars with sand and put a tea light in them. You could do something similar and replace the sand with pebbles or marbles. I also used small metal heart confetti on the tables. U can buy it at the craft store. You could also use regular confetti which is pretty cheap. I found paper lanterns at a five dollars and below store. Depending on when your wedding is, you could decorate with wildflowers and foliage from outside. I also had a sheet cake from the grocery store as the wedding cake. It wasn't traditional but it tasted awesome and was only $75. Hope that gives you some ideas!
  2. look on craigslist, thats how i found everything for a friends wedding, then i resold them all. you dont want kid like decorations, as in home made leaves and flowers, your better off having nothing then. walmart has plenty of cheap decos, but again dont be cheesy, put off the wedding if u cant afford it
  3. Awwww I'm so excited for you :) I went to a wedding last week, they had a low budget, I think they spent about £5000 on the WHOLE thing, dress, braidsmaid dresses, 2 venues, buffet, DJ etc so its do able :) She put like big martini glass on each table filled with sweets the same colour of the theme then raffled them off at the end of the night for £10 :) also just get some nice table cloths and table spinkles.. Tie ribbon round the chair as bows etc xx
  4. Think about real lovely flowers. That is the most impressive wedding decorations. You can work with your local florist even at the grocery store. Figure out some simple, inexpensive floral arrangements. http://www.moneycrashers.com/cheap-wedding-flowers-ideas-arrangements-budget/ See how small Kate's bouquet was :http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-style/news/kate-middletons-royal-wedding-bouquet-all-the-details-2011294 Try a small grouping of baby's breath will be elegant and lovely.You can make them grand or small.They go with every color scheme and are beautiful.

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