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Where can I find cheap mirrors for wedding table decorations?

We are looking to put 3" mirrors under votive candle holders for our wedding and I can't find very cheap ones online. I'm looking for something under $0.20 each as we'll need 3-4 per table and around 20 tables. Any help is appreciated, thanks!


  1. When you search online, don't type in 'wedding'. Everything is over-priced. And look for mirror tiles, they're so much cheaper!
  2. either search randomly online or micheals or any craft store
  3. go to this website, if my math is correct, the are .15 each in packs of 10. (btw I got the idea from the person who suggested using mirror tiles and that is what I put in the search engine
  4. I looked at this website called rainbowfloristsupplies.com
  5. Try Hobby Lobby and Walmart also
  6. IKEA might have what you're looking for for really cheap.
  7. Ask your florist if you can rent any through them. It would be easier and cheaper to use a large mirror than several small ones. You won't be able to find mirrors that cheap online because the shipping alone will be astronomical.
  8. It may sound funny, but try looking at a dollar store or like a walmart or sam's club where you can buy in bulk. The idea sounds pretty cool! It's easy to find your town's closest wedding suppliers at: http://www.UsWeddingSupplies.com It's FREE!

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