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Can anyone help me with winter wedding reception centerpeice ideas?

I am thinking about going with ice sculptures w/ our names on them with pillar candles all around on 1/2 the tables, but does anyone have ideas for what I should do for the other 1/2?


  1. Bride and groom replicas in snow globes.
  2. what aboutnthe same thing and if not what about an angel with a heart with ur names on them!>?
  3. I don't think your ice sculpture would last very long with candles around it. I went to a winter wedding once and they had trees on each table with a little bit of the fake snowflakes around the base of each tree. They also had very simple but elegant ornaments on each tree.
  4. I do agree that perhaps having candles next to ice sculptures may be a bad idea. i would suggest having your monogram done in ice sculpture with flowers of your choice surrounding. you could do that for half and then the other half could be candles and flowers. i hope this link at theknot.com works & helps you decide what you want to do. if you havnt used theknot.com yet it is really helpful along with their message boards (usually the local boards are more friendly). good luck & have fun!
  5. How about minature Christmas trees with tiny white lights. Buy some kind of 3 dimensional platforms that can be stacked on top of each other. A round shape like a hatbox would be perfect. The larger base would go on the bottom and the smaller base on top of that. the tree would go on the top base and the bottom base could have silver colored material or accents with cream colored white bows and wide ribbon that has wire in it.Small white roses would be a lovely accent on the tree or on the base level.Make it girly girly and feminine because that suggests romance .Puff the ribbons out and shape the direction that they'll go in around the side of the base.Wrap them or hot glue them so they'll stay in place.. Several small votive (white) candles could go on top of the bottom base and on top of the ribbons and silver accents.make sure that you have enough for each tree. You could even stack three bases on top of each other as long as they're different sizes and it leaves enough room to add decorations. The ice sculpture is kind of Disneyish in my opinion. Go for elegance and beauty!

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