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What are some unique winter wedding centerpieces?

I was going to do a wreath with 3 different size candles in them, but candles are just so expensive to be burnt once and then thrown away. Any other ideas? my colors are cranberry, silver, and a hint of black, by the way The reason I will probably be throwing the candles away is because in total, I would need almost 60 candles and what would I do with all that? Even after I try to give them away, I'll still have a bunch left... so I am trying to stay away from that idea.


  1. Why would you throw away a candle that you only used once? Candles are great for centrepieces: they add life and warmth to the table.
  2. why not use one candle instead? you could put in in a bowl or hurricane and still use the wreath. Who says you have to burn your candles once and throw them out. Save them and burn them in your house later. Give your centerpieces away to guests as favors, or to the parents/bridal party as a bigger favor than the candy. It will be like another thank you gift and a nice memento from your wedding. If I think of something totally different, winter themed, I'll an an edit. What are your colors?
  3. One of my really close friends took dried out tree branches, spray painted them silver, and while the paint was still wet, sprinkled silver glitter all over the branches. She then took them and cut them and arranged them so that they would fit nicely in a bouquet, tied them with a black ribbon and put them in vases. I know it sounds different, but it was really beautiful. She had a "Winter Fantasy" themed wedding and it turned out so lovely. You could also take confetti that's shaped in silver hearts, or whatever other colours you're using and put them around the vase to make it fancier. Lots of people do red roses for winter weddings, but that can get really expensive. I think my friend paid about $150.00 for everything - got vases at a dollar store, spray paint at a paint store and glitter at a craft store. I'm going to look online to see if I can find you any pictures to explain what I mean. Like I said, it sounds a bit awkward, using branches for a centrepiece, but the silver colours turned out so beautifully. Edit: Here's some pictures: http://www.etherealdecor.com/media/SilvTreeNoVaseStands300w259.jpg http://img.hgtv.com/HGTV/2007/05/30/dod2213_floralarrangement_v_h460.jpg http://www.cristalier.com/v/vspfiles/assets/images/black%20crystal%20tree.jpg http://image.confetti.co.uk/i/shop/buythelook/newshop_300x300/1155.jpg http://www.surroundings.com/images2008/maestrovase.jpg
  4. i'm getting married december 6th and i got long oval bowls with 3 snowflake floater candles to go in each with the white/pearl stones to go in the bottom and i'm still searching for the flowers to go around it.
  5. Poinsettias are a wonderful winter centerpiece (especially the white/cream colored ones). Also, they have been coming out with all different colored poinsettias. Check with your local nursery. The great thing is that you can get them after Christmas relatively inexpensive. Also, ou could place votives around them if you are looking for the romantic feel of candles. Also, keep in mind that you can get some great deals on candles after the holidays. Good Luck!!!
  6. beautiful bushy white floral arrangements with white ribbon,with snowflake design on the ribbon,curled to the table,and clear glass candle holders around it,with white and whatever colored candles in the holders.
  7. I have been to a winter wedding with ice sculptures from a local place on the tables it was phenomenal!
  8. how about a silver sleigh, with cranberry sprigs and white ponsettia, give them away at the reception with a number under the napkin or you win or just winner. or a small simulated silver plate with a largecranberry candle, or fake (battery powered flicker, get at your local party store, or michaels, or walmart.) candle, and again, give away as a table gift to one person at each table.

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