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What would be some ways to 'break the norm' in US society?

So I have to do a project for my sociology class where I venture out into the public and do something to break a social norm. I'm supposed to do it alone. Thing is, I'm a shy person, and weary of doing anything weird with strangers. Can you help me come up with some ideas of breaking the norm? One example would be coughing without covering your mouth on the bus (but I wouldn't do such a rude thing). Thanks! I'll pick best answer!


  1. Drive while intoxicated. Just make sure it's a police vehicle you are driving.
  2. going to the public toilet and not flushing it after suing it and not washing your hands after going to the toilet. Go to a good restaurant and burp loudly and don't excuse yourself. Wear a coat hat scarf and gloves in the summer Put both arms on the table while eating go outside with your pajamas on when its about 3pm! eat cereal in a cafe in the afternoon if you are really too shy then you could tell your teacher that you have done this when actually you have not! she will not know!
  3. Depending on where you live… Watch a blank tv, cheer when your team scores. Ask a stranger for money. Get into elevator and stand facing backward, talk to people in elevator like you know them, push close door button. Stand too close to someone when talking to them, after eating onions or drinking coffee. go to restaurant, pay with pennies eat with your hands in a restaurant. wear clothes backwards, guys could wear girls garments, wear shoes on wrong feet, don't shower, girls shave legs in public bathroom, or brush your teeth in public bathroom, use bathroom with stall door open. farting, picking your nose, scratching body parts, same sex holding hands cutting in line at bank take groceries from other peoples shopping carts saying hello, genuine manners go to coffee shop and sit down with random people and talk to them about your health or sex life or do this in an office, act like you belong there and you know the people stand while eating in a restaurant, or eat on floor, or under the table. Pretend to be crazy, order food at a restaurant for you and your imaginary friend, talk to your friend, ask waitress for doggie bag for food your imaginary didn’t finish eating. walk around the mall with an open umbrella wear a sombrero have a picnic in the middle of the classroom Hug a stranger. Go to the beach in your winter clothes, play beach volley ball with an imaginary volley ball. Wear a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding.

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