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how many different kinds of wedding desserts should you have on a dessert table?

We are having a dessert table at our wedding reception. How many different kinds should you have and how much is too much?


  1. It depends on what you're planning on having for food for guests prior to dessert. Are you serving a 3 course meal? Just appetizers and desserts? If you have a sit down dinner and cake I'd recommend maybe one or two other things. Don't go overboard. To give you an idea of what I did for my wedding, we had a full sit down dinner meal and served a wedding cake (3 tiers) and a platter of cookies on each table. Everyone was stuffed - we could have honestly skipped the cookies if we wanted to. Always best to have more than too little.
  2. Four is good not too many, not too few. Plus, you have the wedding cake (I guess). Four is the norm. unless you are the type to really put on a show kind, then have six or seven.
  3. My preference (since everyone only gets one piece of cake and let's face it, wedding cake is usually bland) is to have an assortment of goodies. Try a few pretty crystal bowls of a candy like m&m's, truffles, chocolate covered peanuts. Then have trays of fruit and cookies.
  4. I agree it would be helpful to have more detail. Is this the only food? Is it the only dessert, or will you have a cake? Day or evening? Most seem to have 3-4 options but it depends on the above questions.
  5. At my wedding we had an evening dessert table. I noticed that the most popular thing that went was items like dessert bars, brownies etc, something that is not too big and people can just snack on. We had way to much dessert left over, and probably could of done half of what we did. A tray of two of bars, some fresh fruit and a tray or two of pasteries is what we pretty much went through for 120 people.
  6. We got a carboard cup cake stand and decorated it and put all sorts of desserts on it. We had banana pudding, cakes, cookies, brownies, cheesecakes; and at the top we had a little cake for the cutting. Not everyone likes cake so this was a great way of suiting everyone's tastes. Still to this day people comment on what a wonderful spread we had!
  7. well, it depends on how many people you have, but you also need to keep in mind that you have your cake as a dessert too. If it's 60-70 people I would say no more than 3. If it's 100 people or more, maybe 4.

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