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How much do dessert tables cost for wedding?

I was looking into all these fabulous dessert tables that people are having at their weddings and was wondering how much they cost? Ive seen some are included in the catering package but others are done by actual wedding planners or the baker that does the cake?


  1. using a dessert table can cut your wedding cake cost in half or more if you choose carefully what to have served. wedding cake typically costs about 3 to 6 dollars or more per person, so if you have a small wedding cake for a hundred or so dollars which you and hubby cut for the tradtion and then serve a dessert table, you will really save. you can do one yourself or have it done for you by your caterer (most expensive way) wedding planner if she does this kind of thing (middle expense) or by your bakery (least expensive other than diy) some caterers may view the addition of a dessert table as something they are willing to sort of throw in in order to get your business if you let them know the deal may hinge on it. dessert is a relatively inexpensive item in the food world so they can afford to gift you with it or make it really inexpensive. here is a site with more info: http://www.wedaholic.com/archives/how_to_save_money_by_choosing_a_wedding_dessert_buffet_table.php for info on a diy dessert table for under 40 dollars: http://www.weddingbells.ca/blogs/planning/rosies-ideas/2010/04/15/diy-dessert-bar%e2%80%93under-40/

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