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My walls are buttercream yellow, and I've decided to add black and white accessories?

What fabric/color should I use with which to upholster my sofa? What kind of coffee table should I buy? I would like the mood to be as a spa on Park Ave. with vintage elements, although this is my apartment.


  1. Ballard Designs and Brocade have catalogs with lots of products that would work and really cute ideas. (They have websites, as well.) Overstock.com often has some unique pieces, as well. All of these sites have furniture (sofas, tables, etc) as well as accessories. Macy's has some great tables and sofa options - even to use as an idea to take to a local furniture store. www.brocadehome.com www.ballarddesigns.com www.overstock.com www.macys.com If you want to add 'color' you can always introduce sage green, wine or red to the mix. They'll all go well with the black & white, too. A simple black sofa would be a nice base - then you can add pillows/throws in colors to accent. There are also some unique patterns - black & white scroll or fleur de lis print, or small diamond print. A jaquard fabric is nice, too (where you have a, for example, black on black print, or white on white). Even a small diamond quilted look can be sleek and sophisticated - just have to go out looking and see what's in your price range and what you can get in a fabric you like. If you have pets, you'll want something that doesn't hold the pet hair, too. As far as tables go, it really depends on your space. It may be beneficial to find a table that offers you additional storage (think a cube table that the tops open for storage and they separate for additional seating; or a large ottoman that opens for storage and coordinates with your sofa, it can also be used for seating). Here's a pic of one of those tables, in case I didn't do well explaining: http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=252299&CategoryID=29845&LinkType=EverGreen Or forego a coffee table and do some unique end tables, even....keep a nice open/spacious look. Best wishes....start clipping pics of what you like or what draws your attention, then start shopping and pull it all together based on your box of faves! It will be fabulous!
  2. i have the same colour walls - aren't they gorgeous! i'd make your sofa straight black. and use the cushions to add in some black and white patterns. coffee table, paint it stark white with 3 black stripes down the middle. it will be striking, but not over bearing. add two cane or wooden chairs to the room. paint one white, paint one black. buy contrasting cushions for them. black on the white, white on the black.

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