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Could I paint a coffee table which already has a stain finish?

I need a coffee table for my new apartment. my neighbor is willing to sell me theirs but the wood is too light in color. It is stained wood. Would it be possible for me to paint it black or dark brown on top of that stained finish? any ideas on what type of paint to use? suggestions? Thank you so much for any input!


  1. yes just sand it lightly,wipe clean and paint. ask home depot or your local paint store for color selections.
  2. It would be a good idea to primer it first.
  3. It may not look very good, (depending of course on what you consider to be good). And it is not likely to be a very soundly attached paint job; depending on the current stain/varnish normal opaque wood paints don't adhere well to varnishes (in the medium to long term). If you are not too bothered obout the outcome at least abrade every square centimetre to provide a key for the paint, better still rub it down and better again get it professionally dipped in caustic soda. Then paint it with normal household wood paints. One or two oil-based undercoats and one or two oil-based satin or gloss coats. I don't think you will benefit much from any primer unless you go for the caustic soda stripping.
  4. Yes you can but first you have to sand down the the stain with a medium sandpaper,wipe the the dust off.You have to put a coat of undercoat before you put the top coat on.Use a dark colour of undercoat.........good luck
  5. Absolutely, as a home remodeling company owner and designer, I have used this process repeatedly to bring new life into pre-existing furniture pieces to make them match in the decor. Simply take a piece of sandpaper and lightly sand table. This gives the table what we call "tooth" for paint to adhere to. Then take a decent quality primer like KILZ and primer your table. Let primer dry and use a good quality interior latex paint like DutchBoy in a semi-gloss finish. You can buy DutchBoy in black or brown Semi-gloss. This will give the finish you are looking for and the appropriate protection from scratches as well, and makes it easy to clean without the worry of paint surface scratching off. Follow these simple steps and you will have a great new looking table that will hold up for years to come. Enjoy!

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