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Can fabric paint be removed from furniture?

I'm trying to remove some fabric paint that spilled onto our coffee table....Any ideas?


  1. yes use thinner for removing fabric paint.
  2. see the directions on the paint bottle
  3. Why dont u try on furniturewhich u gonna throw away or somewhere no one will notice like the back or etc. Just a small portion. I normally try on @ the back of my bedroom door :P
  4. If you remove the stain right away ,Varsol would work ,but if it 's well absorbed it will not work I had the same problem and this did not work for me . Well I have found the solution! I took some Murphy Soap and poured some on the stain ,wiped with a wet cloth and the paint is gone! Now you try it and let us know! Have a great weekend !
  5. There is a product out called clean cut and we use it to remove paint from stained woodwork it works really good and it shouldnt damage your table like thinner would. Im not sure where you can purchase it but here is the number to the place where we buy it -(765)964-7100. they could give you a little more info on the product. good luck:)

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