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How do I paint coffee tables?

I have a coffee table, end table and bookshelf that I would like to paint a chocolate brown color. They are finished though, Does any one have any ideas on how to make them so I can paint?


  1. go to lowes or home depot and buy the color you want in spray cans clean thoroughly with alcohol after dry spray according to cans instructions this is the best option.hope this helps
  2. It's not difficult. Buy sand paper. If you have an orbital sander, buy the paper designed for it. Do not use a belt sander. Buy several kinds of paper, 80 grit, 120 grit, and 200 grit. Start sanding with the lowest grit (the most course) in an inconspicuous area. Then, in the same area, leave some with the finish of the lowest grit and sand a small section with medium grit. If you like the texture of the low grit stop right there. Sand the rest of the table thoroughly with the low grit and paint. If you would like it smoother than the low grit can provide sand the entire table with each paper, working up in grit, until your final sanding is with the finest paper, then paint. It is all a matter of texture. If you really like it smooth, buy oil paint and thin it lightly. Use expensive paint brushes, they usually leave the least texture, I would recommend Purty brand. If you like the look of a single coat your finished, but if not, be sure to sand lightly with fine grit (200 of higher) before adding a secod coat. GOOD LUCK!
  3. use sandpaper to scratch up the surface and spray paint it. Spray paint will look better than brushed on paint. it will be glossier and smoother. Stencils can add a great accent. Something like little lines around the table in gold will go very well with the chocolate paint. If you use the same stencil on all of them, it will really help to make them look like a set.
  4. Get a liquid deglosser and wipe down the tables and book shelf. Let dry and prime with water-based kilz-it tinted close to the color of your paint and prime with 2 coats 4 hours between coats at least.I use the small sponge rollers and foam brushes. Place them in a plastic ziplock bag until ready for 2nd coat. Let the primer dry for at least 24 hours and paint with a couple coats of ENAMEL paint. You can use satin,semi-gloss or gloss. Just depends on what kind of finish you want.
  5. To prepare your tables for paint you need to know how they are finished. If they are painted or lacquered wood it will be easy to finish. Some furniture is covered in plastic laminates. This can be painted as well but you will need to use a special paint that is made for plastic. No matter what the finish is make sure the surfaces are clean and dry. Any oil, grease or wax will prevent the new finish from adhering. For painted or varnished or lacquered wood.... You just need to use sand paper to degloss the finish. It can be medium to fine sand paper. You don't want the sanding scratches to show through the new paint but you want to create a bondable surface. If the old paint is very glossy it would be a good idea to use a primer, as well. Primer is also helpful when you are making a big change in color like from a really light color to a really dark color or vise versa. For plastic laminates.... Be sure the plastic is clean and dry. Use a platic primer to evenly coat the surfaces. Spray primer is best for this. After it is well primed you can coat with any paint that you want. Whether you use spray paint or a brush is up to you. You can achieve very nice results with either. It is also possible to do a sloppy job with either. When spraying it is better to spray several light coats than one heavy coat. It will proably just run. When brushing it is worth it to buy a good quality brush. You will want a brush with fine bristles. Careful painting can result in the elimination of most of the brushmarks.

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