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How can i fix my coffee table?

I spilled very strong nail polish remover on my coffee table! I immediately started cleaning it up and it literally pulled up all the color and now its all gross looking and a different color! Very expensive coffee table and stupid mistake. Its wood. I dont know what to do. Does anyone have any ideas? Thankyou so much!


  1. Get a jitterbug (finishing sander) and sand the damaged area off. Mark off the damaged area with a pencil in strips to try a few stains that you think are close. Once they dry, if you have a match then resand and apply. If not, you may have to sand the entire top and find the closest stain. Wood can always be fixed!
  2. You will need to sand it so all the color is gone,then restain it to match the original color.After the stain dries,put a clear coat on it to seal it and make it shine.If it's just the top,you can buy a sanding block and sandpaper.Then sand it by hand.Start with a coarse grit,the a medium grit and finish with a fine grit.Make sure it's a wood and not MDF or particleboard with a veneer glued to it.If it is veneer,you have to make sure you sand it real easy so you don't sand through the veneer.
  3. You will most likely have to strip the top and stain and varnish it. Hopefully, it doesn't have any stenciling on it.
  4. use some more polish remover to even out the top color then bleach light sand and then restain the whole top use an all in one stain and finish like minwax this will save a lot of extra steps
  5. I have repaired similar problems by lightly sanding the damaged area to feather to edges of the old finish until it is a smooth transition. Then find a piece of the same kind of wood, that the table is made from, and test similar stains in very small satined strips until you match the original stain. This part can be a bit frustrating, but with patients, and sometime a little mixing to get the stain just right, you can do it. Then apply your new stain only to the damaged area, let it dry, if the match is right you will then lightly sand the entire top until you have removed any shine. ( If the stain is not blending correctly at this point, you will need to strip and refinish the entire top.) Then remove any sanding dust, and apply a light coat of either a high gloss, or semi gloss polyurethane spit coat. made from a mix of half polyurethane, half mineral spirits. (paint thinner) Let it dry for 24 hours, lightly sand again, remove dust and apply a heavier coat of the desired polyurethane, not diluted.

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