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What paint colour will look best with my livingroom furniture?

I am trying to decide what color to paint my livingroom. I have a black leather couch & love seat, dark walnut floors and teak coffee table. What paint colors will compliments my furniture and floors?


  1. White or cappuccino color like beige
  2. I would leave it white to brighten up the room. All the dark color furniture and walls makes it to depressing
  3. I have a lot of wood in my place too. I use mainly white, as it makes the place bright, spacious and cheery. To break the monotony, I have a feature wall in dark cherry red. Beige, yellow or other earthy colours would work too. Aside from paint, you may also want to consider wallpaper or wood for your feature wall.
  4. I would go with something from a light to medium tone, but not white, and try to avoid pastels. If you use dark colors the room will start to look like a cave. Otherwise it's your personal preference. The colors you described go with just about anything.
  5. I think that a walnut paint colour would be awesome ...
  6. White. Make sure to put up something on the wall, a black-framed painting probably. To at least accentuate the whiteness and add contrast. Leaving the wall blank would definitely prove to be boring.
  7. I'd like to give you a different idea. On one of the walls in your living room, place a mirror with a kind of designed grill in front like in this picture - http://www.luxuryfurnitureandlighting.com/furniture_images/living/deco/Y02%20sofa-1.jpg Or paint the walls a light grey colour. see this - http://www.3dm3.com/forum/attachments/f48/14067d1200848748-living-room-interieur.jpg Since you have dark colour in you living room, try to balance it by painting the walls a very faint yellow or off-white. Or one main red wall and the rest beige colour could also work. You decide. :)

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