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How can i tint a glass coffee table?

I'm needing to get a blood red tint, to the glass on a coffee table. Problem is i can't find anything realistic, also everything I find that would work is out of state. I "don't" have like $500 to spend on this, so some idea on what the cost may be would be much appreciated as well.


  1. Not sure how even it is, but you unless you get new glass, you can't change what the glass now is. What you can do is either use glass paint and paint what you want (which might be hard to get even and I would recommend on the underside of the glass, for the paint will scratch). Or you get a piece of transparent plastic foil (transparent if you want to preserve the appearance of glass and see if you can glue this to the underside. Or you could get another piece of glass which perfectly fits the top and sandwich the colored plastic sheet between those pieces of glass. That would probably what I would do.
  2. The only presentable way to do so (if the back of the glass is accessible) is to buy bight red Latex paint, paint the glass on the back as thickly as You want, let it dry over night, than varnish heavy with urethane varnish for protection. I did that and it looked professional, glossy, real and elegant and it has a depth(glass thickness). But it must be Flat Latex!..and use small, fine texture roller..
  3. Assuming that, it's a see through (transparent) glass table: 1. Carefully stick a good quality blood red colour paper underneath the table (below the glass) 2. Buy the lightest (i.e. not too dark) car window tint (only a few pounds/dollers) 3. Now tint the table and it should give you near enough visual effect you desire Please note that, this is only an idea (I haven't tried it myself.) Good Luck!

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