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What are some outdoor super casual BBQ wedding reception activity ideas?

I already had my wedding/ reception in Utah a month ago and am flying to my hometown in Alaska next week. We decided to throw a BBQ so everyone could meet my husband but my mom keeps getting RSVP's to the "reception" some of my friends are traveling quite a ways so I would like to make it fun for them, more of an event. It should be about 100 people, held at a large park pavilion. Any ideas?


  1. probobly make it a hot dog kinda thing like the wife is the hot dog and the husband is the hamburger get it??? lol :P but it might be a kinda cool idea...hope it helps!!! =D
  2. really? you had over a month to figure it out and you chose a BBQ w/o any activities planned for it? Seriously, I think if you gave it more thought, you could do better. Take them to see whales and shit and have a BBQ on a Cruise Ship/boat. Show them a Inuit or two.
  3. Horse shoes, volley ball, and polo come to mind. We use to do these kinds of things for our family get togethers. We also have table with family pictures. Just some ideas.
  4. I don't know the weather in Alaska in July but I imagine it is warm enough since you are having the party outside. Since it's supposed to be "super casual", what about some typical summer outdoor games like badmitton, horseshoes, croquet, water balloon fights, etc.? Especially if there will be children there, you'll need to keep them entertained outside. Most of the games you can find at a dollar store. With kids, I'd get bubbles, beach balls (less dangerous than regular balls), etc. You could get marshmallows for toasting later in the evening.

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