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What is the best way to serve champayne at a wedding reception?

I want to offer champayne at a wedding reception. Is it okay to have a seperate table with chilled bottles of champayne and glasses? Or would it look classier to have 2 chilled bottles on each table? I don't want to be overloaded on bottles and have oddles left afterwards. Any ideas on how to have champayne at a wedding????


  1. It is best drank off of cleavage.
  2. Have waiters walking around with trays of glasses filled with champagne.
  3. not to worry there will not be leftovers at the table. have 2 bottles per table..that is prefeered and adds more class.
  4. My reception site is offering me two champagne bucket stands per table. (Its just a champagne bucket that stands near each table like a floor lamp). So if your reception site can offer this, I would go for it. I am also ahving a very nice selection of champagne, and I am not going to lie, I kind of want to show it off so I like the buckets by the table. Just be sure the bottles are chilled in a fridge before hand and placed into the ice and water at the last possible moment or the labels might start falling off. (Which would not look classy).

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