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what games could i have at my wedding reception to entertain guests and especially kids?

I want to have a fun relaxed wedding reception (with about 200 guests.) It is going to be outside under a tent on a big lawn at a golf course and there is a putting green next to it that i want to bring golf balls, putters and pitching wedges for people to use. I was also wanting to set up something fun for kids to play with thats not messy (i.e. no craft table) or too expensive (i wish we could get a bouncy house.) Any ideas?


  1. http://www.weddingmountain.com/p-2737-coloring-book.aspx http://www.weddingmountain.com/p-7510-wedding-activity-book.aspx I don't know how many kids you plan on having but im am getting these for my flower girls they come with crayons so hopefully this will keep them having fun. If not then hire a "baby sitter" if your having over 10 kids you will pry want one anyway. parents tend to let their kids run around and not always keep them under control but if you give someone that as their job they can have the kids play tag.. or play other little games in a circle so that they are not being destructive
  2. I think that is a great idea. Cranium is a fun game. It's more for adults and older kids but children will get a kick out of watching people play. My fiance got me this game as a gift a few Christmas' ago and I have had fun playing it with my family. I bring it with me on Holiday's and when we go camping. Twister is also a fun classic game. I'm sure you will get some laughs especially with the drink people trying to keep themselves from falling. My other favorite game is UNO. Adults and children can play.
  3. baggo lawn games. bounce house would be ideal and works great I had 2 of them came with the cater. they can go for 150 and that's a minor cost. or get a box and get a crap load of dollar store items for kids of all ages.
  4. I was at a big outdoor wedding once where the kids all got kites to fly. It was really cool! Obviously, you need enough room for them to wander a little, but if you can pull this off, it's really pretty watching the kites. Otherwise, I'd go to a dollar store and just set up a big bin of stuff and have someone watch it to let kids pick what they want. Bubbles are fine in an outside venue, they have little mini badminton toys, glow sticks, mini etch n sketch, etc. Tons of non-messy ideas. And you'd just set aside a section for this and let the kids each have 1 or 2 choices. But you definitely need someone watching over this!
  5. Those cheap-o outside games (hula hoops, the velcro mitts with the fuzzy ball, etc) are always a huge hit at our family gatherings.
  6. Some lawn games like horse shoes, bocce ball, croquet, ladder golf, etc. would be fun. Also if you have a cement area you could set out some sidewalk chalk & let your guests write messages for you - it could be your guest book & at the end of the night you could take a picture of it...I heard of people doing that on the side of a building & it turned out really cute.
  7. A cute activity that I've heard of people doing is setting up a "dress-up" corner with mirrors and top hats, monocles, boas, tiaras, etc.

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