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What to do with a wedding reception picking cherries/country theme?

I need some ideas for theme. My wedding reception will be June 6th in Lancaster, Ca. There are lots of beautiful cherry farms. Thought we'd get great pics with about 20-30 people. Having BBQ at my mom's ten acre ranch with miniature ponies. Any ideas to incorporate the cherry/country theme?


  1. make up a cocktail, have cherry in it...give it name that matches you and your fiance. serve cherry pie instead of wedding cake bbq type food. let your guest pick cherries in between ceremony and reception. kinda destination ish
  2. you can give people local cherry jam, jelly, wine, juice or even just a small basket or cherries for their favor. incorporate cherries into the meal somehow... have ham or turkey with a cherry glaze, salad with dried cherries in it, and serve dessert with a cherry compote. have your rehearsal dinner at a cherry farm and let your guests pick some cherries to take home with them. Good luck and congratulations!
  3. I almost missed one of the key ingredients: Music! What are you going to do for music? Live band, DJ? Country music?
  4. I found some amazing country themed accessories and decorations at this website: http://www.bridesvillage.com/weswedac.html This company has a million ideas of what to do for a country themed wedding! They have mini cowboy hats and hay barrels for table decorations, cowboy boot vases, and even a western style guest book! You should totally check it out!

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