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What would you think if you walked in a wedding reception?

I am thinking about having countries instead of table numbers on the tables at my wedding reception and probably the countries flower to go on that table.. Do you think that would be nice or should I try something else? ( I appreciate all opinions but please don't answer if you are going to put stupid answers) We're not big travelers (yet) but it's some places we dream of traveling to and I just want to be different and have our reception set apart from other receptions our guests have been to


  1. I think something like this is great as long as it has meaning for the couple. For instance, countries/states you've visited together; countries/states your guests have traveled from; favorite movies; favorite bands; favorite flowers. The point is...i think it's a better idea if what you're using has some meaning to you and your fiance. That would work then. It's something that ties into the two of you as places you dream of traveling together. If this is something you want to do, go for it.
  2. I think it's a great idea. I've seen that becoming more and more common (not having table numbers)... My friend had her and her husband's favorite songs as the wedding numbers and when the dj played that song everyone at that table had to get up and dance.
  3. I like the countries idea. It is much easier to remember than a number. However some countries have weird flowers that would make hard centrepieces. I believe that England's flower is a rose, so that would be lovely, but countries like mine, Australia, which is wattle, Scotland, which is thistle and Ireland which is shamrocks could be difficult to work with.
  4. I think that is a great idea, really novel. it would be especially great if you and your future husband were big travellers!
  5. I think table numbers are the most elegant, but we are having different bird species on our tables. We do a lot of bird watching together and we have a few other bird-themed things. Having bird names instead of table numbers was my fiance's idea and I didn't care that much so I let him have his way.
  6. Idk
  7. i think I would find it hard to get to the right seat.
  8. I think it's cute if travel is a big part of your lives. My spouse and I named our tables after places in books that we liked; Pemberly, Caprica, etc.
  9. Names/flags of countries are difficult to tie into 'wedding' decor/theme. More interesting would be a photo of well known landmarks of the countries to you wish to visit, such as Venice Waterway, Caribbean beach, Swiss Alps, Egyptian Pyramids, etc. A visual photo is better than words, as it evokes the sense of adventure. It will also present an 'opening' to anyone at the table who has visited these places to share their experiences with other guests or simply discuss the place in the photo. Congratulations and Good Luck
  10. We are doing something similar. I have traveled quite a bit and my fiance is an ex- Marine that has been all over the world. We ended up deciding to not use names, numbers or anything written as the table card. Instead we have postcards with a picture of a well known location at that country, for example the Sydney Opera House for Australia and Big Ben for England. The guest cards are the match to that postcard. We did consider using more than one image for each country, but decided that it would be too confusing. On each postcard we will have the guest's name in the address section and a bit of trivia about the country and the dates each of us were there. Even though we don't have a full guest list yet, since we are several months away from our wedding date, we've been doing the trivia/ date side of the cards already. It's been not only a fun project, but each location has sparked memories and we have enjoyed sharing them with each other. This was not our idea either. A good friend of mine married a few years ago. Both she and her husband are archaeologists. They had a similar set up with places of archaeological significance on them. It was fun to find the matching picture, rather than just looking for a number, and everyone had an easy conversation starter in their little trivia tidbit. It made the 2 hours between the end of the ceremony and the bride and groom entering go a lot faster.

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