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What kind of table cloths should I use for my lodge wedding?

My wedding/reception will be at a two story lodge beside a river. The lodge is all beautiful wood. I dont want to use ivory table cloths because I feel like that would be too formal and take away from the wood. My colors are sage green, navy and brown. Ideas for table cloths that arent ivory? Oh, and the plates are navy!


  1. Navy. EDIT: If the plates are navy, then go with the green. Brown is too close to the wood of the lodge. Personally, I'd probably go with white or off white since those other colors are dark and the wood is dark. The room could end up looking like a cave.
  2. Based purely on colors, I'd go with sage green. Brown can be perceived as a bit unappetizing near food. Navy would probably be fine, but it might make the room feel too dark. Sage is a color commonly associated with food, is light enough, may help tie-in with the outside, and is also fairly easy to source. A downside to all of the colors that you like is that those colors are not flattering to many skin tones. (Whatever color you choose for your tablecloths will reflect up into your guests' faces.) Do you already have a potential source for all of the colors, and are they all the same price? What does your fiance/fiancee prefer?
  3. Something like this, replace the cream color in the photo with sage http://www.wedding-linens.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=6
  4. I would have the ivory table cloths, simply to break up all of the wood look, have sage green table throws with the navy plates and blend sage and brown napkins. Or a brocade or paisley print napkin with all of your colors, something different, with a little navy and use navy napkin rings. Or line plate with a folded brown napkin with a navy napkin ring and a sage small floral or brocade type bow.
  5. Holli....I know you said NOT ivory or white, but that is exactly the color that you should go with. I would suggest ivory. White is too stark. The thing is...if it's beautiful wood, etc., then you will want to compliment that. The way to compliment dark wood is by going with ivory table cloths...especially if your dinnerware (plates) are going to be navy. You don't want navy tablecloths too! Go with ivory tablecloths; Navy plates and napkins; Then use the sage green and the brown in the centerpieces. Lovely! http://media.photobucket.com/image/log%20lodge%20with%20white%20tablecloths/Suzanne57/athome%25202009/adinner-25.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ECd-mkPPDKo/TREVPd2QM9I/AAAAAAAAE9Y/unZveerqI68/s1600/edding+lobby.jpg
  6. Any color as long it suits you

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