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What are some outrageous themes for a wedding?

Its gonna be for the wedding reception you know the works! From the table display to the napkins and cups. give me a cool idea or theme :) just be creative! throw it out there! I have to design a wedding reception dinner for class and the most creative wins. And to all those who will say to do my own homework and come up with my own ideas, i had already asked my teacher if it matters where we got the idea from, she said no as long as we can deliver a great wedding reception dinner display.


  1. It depends on the month the wedding is to take place. October can be Halloween reception, with ghouls, and spiders and webs,... you get the idea, and the color themes. I would love a winter wedding. The reception would be in white and ice blue. You could get an ice sculpture as a centerpiece, white shears hanging as a background for the brides table, with ice blue tablecloth and white napkins. Snowfakes falling, done with video, I would look for a reception hall that had a large fireplace, with the fire going. Red pointsettas placed in strategic spots to pop. Silver disco ball to add the ambience, White flowers on the table arranged in a centerpiece with candles.
  2. Lol You could do a really random theme like a harry potter wedding! Lmao. As she walks down the aisle you could have the harry potter theme tune and serve chocolate frogs and butter beer at the reception! :)
  3. I have a lot of ideas! 1- 40's swing, war bonds, Rosie the Riveter, polka dots, 2- Fairy Tale, castles, glass slippers, crowns, tiaras 3- Masquerade masks, beads, gold and purple, feathers 4- all white
  4. 1) Star Wars theme 2) Nascar theme
  5. Circus Carnival Ancient Greece or Egypt Oriental Old Hollywood Glamor Futuristic Western/Cowboy
  6. I always thought it would fun to have vegas themed wedding. Custom playing cards with ur pic on them, poker chips with us names on them, black and red color scheme a black jack table with the proceeds going to a charity of ur choice. Or a rock and roll concert theme. Invites could look like VIP passes to a concert, autograph sheets with a pic of u and hubby to be, lighters to wave back and forth for the first dance with a great 80's hairband ballad, the grooms men in sunglasses n t-shirts that say security on the back LOL it's endless Good luck and congrats
  7. zoo or jungle theme- with different animals, exotic plants/flowers band w/tomtom drums and maracas, exotic foods and drink mountain bike wedding- guys (esp. mine) would love that easter wedding-pastels, and baskets of eggs for centerpieces, choc. bunny favors, etc 70 or 80s retro theme rainbow theme- use all the primary colors- you could do one table all red, one all blue, etc, or mix/match
  8. Victorian-Gothic Vampire....have fun with that.
  9. Outrageous? IMO, anything that has to do with sci-fi, video games or D&D.
  10. My mom's friend had a Disney themed wedding, complete with King Louie from the Jungle Book as a cake stand! I am going for quirky hearts and childhood fun. The hearts will be everywhere. We're thinking about a FUnfetti wedding cake. Fish in bowls surrounded by flowers as our centerpieces and most of all, my fiance is arranging the song from the end of Muppets Take Manhattan, when Miss Piggy and Kermit the frog get married for my walk down the aisle!
  11. How about a murder mystery reception like they have at dinner theaters? That would certainly be different! Prehistoric 1776 - with lots of red/white/blue, tricorn hats, etc.. Regency period Futuristic/Sci-Fi/Fantasy Love Around the World - take customs from many different cultures and blend them in. Make sure you have cards or something to let people know what culture it's from and what the significance is. Good luck!
  12. Two sites that have either do it yourself wedding ideas or alternative ones for the non girly girls: http://www.stylemepretty.com http://www.theoffbeatbride.com Hope that helps!
  13. I like the idea of a Renaissance wedding or masquerade ball theme. That could get really interesting!

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