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Does anyone have any ideas for do it yourself reception centerpieces?

My daughter is having a formal wedding, and to cut down on costs, we have decided to do the centerpieces for the reception tables ourself. Does anyone have any ideas for low cost yet elegant centerpiece ideas that we can do. We can't use candles, fire restriction code or something like that at reception hall. The wedding colors are eggplant/grape , lavender, and fuchia.


  1. you do get some vases from the dollar store and puut a few flowers in each one. or marbles and some sticks in them here are some ideas : http://www.wedding-flowers-and-reception-ideas.com/images/beach-wedding-centerpiece-02.jpg http://www.bride.ca/wedding-ideas/images/Blog/d-i-y-centerpiece.jpg http://i.ehow.com/images/GlobalPhoto/Articles/5480552/395412-main_Full.jpg this is great too! http://www.wedding-centerpiece.net/centerpiece-ideas.html
  2. Candles, and artificial flowers.around simple holders would be nice. Maybe candles in a neutral cream color.
  3. Get plain glass globes from the dollar store. they can be spray painted any color. make sure not to spray them directly, just pass over with the color, it creates interesting texture. Use big feathers, silk flowers, pearls, etc. OR if you feel REALLY ambitious. Bake or have your cake maker make mini wedding cakes for each table. Make them all different.Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc/ I know that sounds crazy, BUT. It solves the cake problem, it looks really fun, and guests get to try other guests cake which encourages them to mingle. We did it once, it went over great.
  4. What if you used floating candles? The craft department at walmart has really nice round bowls that you can use. Float 3 or 4 candles on the water. Use food coloring to color the water whatever color you want.. Place the flowers around the outside. Mirrors are also a great idea.

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