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Ideas for Changing 80's Style Country Home to a Rich Tuscan or Mission Style on TIGHT Budget?

House is currently 80's country. The woodwork is lt golden oak, white cabinetry & shiny hardware, shiny brass glass fixtures - my style is Tuscan, darker woods, marble, iron, rich earth tones. Mission also appeals to me, again, medium to dark woods, black iron, ect. I am repainting the entire interior - walls & ceilings - that's already in the budget & is top priority. I'm thinking a shade similar to latte but w/ a neutral to slightly warm cast to it due to the woodwork. I want to incorporate as much antique looking black accent as possible, I love the old look & I have a lot wrought iron decor pieces. For furniture, I'm thinking leather, classic medium brown leather sofa/chair, need to find a dining table that is that lt wood, hopefully with some black iron accents. The LR has a stone fireplace, though it's grey instead of tan which seems odd to me. Very tight budget - suggestions to incorporate my tastes into this home? Photos for ideas? What type of hardware would you suggest? Repainting the cabinets, as much as I would love to, isn't really practical right now. I can't afford to have them done and it's just not possible for me to do them myself at this point in time & have them look nice. What about window treatments? I'm a "less is more" person. I'd like matching iron hardware on all the windows but not sure what kind of curtains I want. There are bright white wooden blinds on the bedroom windows but not the living room/dining room. Privacy wise, I'm ok with sheers though ... Color suggestions? I also really like plants and am thinking some hanging drapping type plants in front of the large dining window (which faces back yard) would add a degree of privacy but not block too much light and view. I saw some pretty wroung iron hangning pots that were inexpensive. I just don't want to go overboard with the black.


  1. Mission-style furniture on sale: http://www.homedecoratorsoutlet.com/search.php?search=mission= Iron furniture on sale: http://www.homedecoratorsoutlet.com/search.php?search=iron leather furniture on sale: http://www.homedecoratorsoutlet.com/search.php?search=leather
  2. Click onto these links for ideas: http://www.homeandgardentv.com/hgtv/topics/article/0,2496,HGTV_22932_4014725,00.html http://www.home-decorating-reviews.com/1106tuscan_design.html Scroll down this screen for pictures: http://www.lifeinitaly.com/decor/decorating/tuscan-look-2.asp http://ezinearticles.com/?Tuscan-Kitchen-Decorating-Ideas&id=82200
  3. I would stain the cupboards a deeper color (or paint them) and buy new hardware for the cabinets. That's going to make the biggest difference in the room in addition to your painting the walls and ceiling.
  4. brass & glass? tape off the glass, spray paint the brass with a flat black spray paint made for metal. paint kitchen walls a soft yellow (matches with the existing colors) and pick areas to go over in a darker shade of the same color. what i did was to buy a gallon of dark gold paint...then i mixed a small amount into a gallon of white (same brand, with about 2 cups removed & reserved) and painted the kitchen. then i used the dark gold and watered it down a little and rubbed it in some areas. then i went over the same ares with the dark gold not watered down.(kinda like layering on blush or eye shadow. lol) then i used a little bit of the white an rubbed it in small patches randomly. the overall effect was that the walls had aged and mellowed over time. against the soft mellowed tones of old wood (your table perhaps?) and the aged look of the walls add red or royal blue...while using the black accents. go for plain and simple in the dining room table. to much black iron will overwhelm. it is for accent only :) green plants are good. thyme or ivy would probably work in the dining room window, with some old shutters hung below, as they are a natural for the tuscan look. have open display shelves. colorful majolica peices work well, as does colored glass (in jars or bottles). use lots of terracotta. display various pastas in jars, a braid of garlic or oninons, jars of olives, and fresh flowers on the table. the stone firplace sounds fantastic. display some copper pieces,or baskets, or terracotta and fresh flowers, and a wonderful 'old world' type of picture framed in black. if you have a wall that is just right - write something on it! in the kitchen 'bon appetite' or 'Vino vecchio, olio nuovo' - old wine and new oil or 'Non si vive di solo pane' - one does not live by bread alone. and finally here is a link you might be interested in; http://www.homeimprovementtips.net/tuscan/cheap-tuscan-decorating-ideas.php hope this helps. sure wish i could see it when you are finished. i know it will be outstanding!

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