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How do I stop my Boston Terrier from jumping on our dining room table when we're not home?

We have a Boston Terrier that LOVES to jump on our table and ruin anything that's on our dining table. We never leave food on the table, but she'll ruin flowers, placemats, anything that's left on the table. She doesn't chew up anything else around the house, but if it's on the table, she'll ruin it. She knows it's wrong because she'll only do it when we're not home. I hate not having some type of decor on our beautiful table...any ideas of how to stop the jumping dog from getting on the table????


  1. Confine her so she can't get to the table. A gate or crate should do the trick. It's difficult to correct them when your not there at the scene of the crime.
  2. Move the chairs away so she can't have a way to get up there maybe? Otherwise, block the entrance to the dining room.
  3. crate train her.
  4. lean the back of the table chairs up against the edge of the table do the same thing with the rest of the chairs HOPE THIS HELPS :)
  5. Purchase a dog cage for her and put her in it a couple of times when u leave home. Then try to leave her out once after that to see and make sure u talk to her and let her know. Animals are like children so u have to punish them. Not saying physically but mentally so they will eventually get the message that they can't get privileges if they can't follow the rules!
  6. Try using a deterrent,a dog's sense of smell if far greater than our smell. Dog's can detect scents we don't even know exist,and they can identify the faintest of smells,even though they are heavily masked by other scents...this is why dogs are used to detect not only drugs but also gas leaks and explosives,and to find people lost in the wilderness or buried in avalanches. Dog's dislike certain smells,among these are are citrus smells,such as lemon,lime and orange,spicy smells like red pepper. They particularly dislike the smell of citronella,which is why it is often used in spray to keep dogs away from certain areas. Try spraying your table and the contents on the table with citronella,which will be inconvenient for you for a while...but it should work. If the citronella does not work which it should work...try one of the others red pepper,lemon,lime until you find the right deterrent. Good luck and i hope it works for you.
  7. Hi! Hope this helps. Since canines are highly social creatures, being alone can be quite stressful for them. Fortunately, you can teach your pup to enjoy his alone time, or at least tolerate it. If he never grasps how to do this, you may wind up with a dog who acts out through excessive barking, digging, and chewing - or develops a very serious case of separation anxiety. Click the link below for more information. Thank you!

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