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What is the best type of rock to make a table top ?

Scenario: You are a famous furniture designer. One of your clients has requested that you design a dining table with the following requirements: i. the table must harmonize with the oriental interior d├ęcor of his apartment, ii. the table top should be made of natural minerals, iii. the minerals must be in its natural form (ie. it must not be chemically treated and chemical coating should not be applied to the table top). After days of putting your creative juices in action, you managed to design a dining table that is of award-winning quality. However, you need to do some research on minerals to determine the most suitable one to be used as the table top. After completing the first phase of your research, you decided to focus and research further on the following 3 rock types: i. Metamorphic Rock (Pumice) ii. Igneous Rock (Marble) iii. Sedimentary Rock (Sandstone) Also put in mind cost , durability , aesthetics


  1. Marble is the best choice. It will yield a smoother, less porous, and likely more durable surface than the others. As for harmonizing with the decor, that is a matter of aesthetics and certainly not my forte'. Although given a wider choice, a nice jade mosaic of a dragon for the table top would do nicely. After all, if I'm a famous furniture designer it's going to sell for a bundle anyway, so material cost isn't that big of a deal. BTW, you have pumice identified as metamorphic and marble as igneous, which is backwards.
  2. Pumice is an igneous rock, not a metamorphic rock. It would make a poor choice since it is very porous and not very strong. Marble is a metamorphic rock, not an igneous rock. It would make a good choice. Sandstone would (probably) make a poor choice. I have a granite table top and it is an excellent choice, although it is not listed as a choice.
  3. marble is the better of the three choices. It is a metamorphic rock, however, not igneous. MightI suggest a table top of Kyanite, a very hard, very durable metamorphic mineral. I don't know if it is available in massive form, but the specimens I have are quite attractive (it's fibrous in form, and tends to be multicolored, and would fit in with oriental decor).
  4. Slate, it cleaves in one direction which makes it easy to cut.

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