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What are some great Christmas decorating ideas besides the traditional red & green?

We love to have holiday parties and this year we are in our new house and I really want to go over the top. We always have a huge tree and we have a great staircase that I want to do garland and lights cascading. Have you done anything unique or seen anything unique that you can pass along? I love the smell of candles & potpourri as well but always seem to fall in the same trap of "traditional". I would love some great centerpiece ideas as well! Thanks for your help!


  1. I decorated one year with shiny blue and silver. The tree was gorgeous!! Silver icicles, blue glass balls, beaded strings around the tree. We had frosting on our windows and bordered our curatins with blue and silver tinseling. Just an idea, but I really enjoyed the winter feel it gave to our Florida home.
  2. I am a distributor for Mia Bella Soy Candles and we have some great Holiday scents that you could check out. Visit my website at www.jarsoflight.scent-team.com Good luck decorating your place!
  3. Blue silver and gold
  4. Blue and gold, or silver, or a white on white with green angel motif
  5. Well you could go non traditional with colors of blue and silver. You could check out displays in malls for different color scheme.
  6. Why not do everything in gold and silver this year? Or I've seen people do everything in blue. We had had a old silver tree and got a new green one. My Dad bought all red and gold balls. It was the most beautiful tree I've ever seen even to today! We hung a gold and a red ball both on the same branch with gold garland. Hope you find something really different you like!
  7. We did all African animals one year. We try to pick some thing to use all through out the house or room. We find decorations for each style we want to do and run with it. Make it the way you want to make it. Traditional is not bad but i know the feeling of over done and wanting something different. All that matters is the reason why you celebrate not how.
  8. we also have a big staircase, I took copies of old sheet music and folded it into a cone shape and used wide holiday ribbon to attach the cones to the stair well and filled the cones with ivy and Holli for a great affect. Cost was low, then I did the same to the back of my dining room chairs and around door nobs in the house. It all tied together well. Also try using children's toys to hold candles. I use a big red fire truck every year. I just place tea lights in clear glass votive holders and line up along the back of the fire struck and set the truck in the center of my table. Christmas is about the kids so incorporating some of that into the theme is easy and fun. Best advice just try to use what you have.
  9. Have you ever heard of Amy Butler fabric? If not, look her up online. She makes beautiful lines of brightly colored fabrics. Last year I bought 3 inch round styrofoam balls and covered them in pieces of her fabric for decorations for the tree. I cut the fabric into 6 inch square pieces, wrapped it around the ball, cinched it with a small rubber band at the top, and wrapped ribbon around the rubber band. Then, you put a regular ornament hook in it and hang it on the tree. It is easy, quick and cheap. I used leopard print fabric along with her pink and brown combo fabric last year. This year I am going to do a black/white paisley fabric with a shot of red here and there. Anyway....have fun and good luck!

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